Jun 25, 2019
Kitchener - Canada
I’m wondering how everyone feeds their chickens kitchen scraps or treats? Mine tend to pick it up and throw it around the run which is sand. Wondering if anyone has any gadgets they’ve created to try to keep the food in one spot ?
Nope! I used to put it in a bowl, but they would just throw everything around, then i had a bowl to clean. My pen only has a little tiny corner of sand, so most of the treats end up in the mulch and they just give the food a shake before they eat it. The place I work at has some sort of treat ball that hangs in the chicken pen with holes in it. I will have to check out how well it works.
I usually just throw it in the run or in their regular food dish. Chickens eat dirt and rocks to help digest their food so I don’t worry about food getting dirty. Also if they don’t eat it they still scratch it about so it helps it break down to compost.

This is how I do it as well. If they really don't want to eat it, then it becomes part of the run floor, so it still serves a purpose.

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