Felicity in The Wars

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  1. Felicity turned up injured this morning.

    She’ll be okay:

    I hadn’t seen G. or F. for several days until Felicity turned up this morning. I got her a handful of sultanas and a double ration of wheat.

    I always stroke her neck and chest, and talk to her, as she eats her sultanas. I realised she has splatters of dried blood all over her legs, and a big chunk of dried bloody feathers on her chest – but as always, it’s so hard to examine her. There doesn't seem to be a substantial injury.

    I guess it wasn’t a fence. I guess she has been scrapping with wild birds. Assuming that it was a wild bird, it's the first time I've seen them draw blood.

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  2. Help, please:

    I think Felicity’s injury is much worse than I first thought – but once again I can’t really examine it.

    It’s a day and a half since I saw the bloodied feathers. She turned up just now, and while I was feeding her I saw that she’s still bleeding, and I suspect that she has a substantial puncture wound on her chest. I also suspect that there’s just nothing I can do, but asking can’t hurt. Perhaps something like luke-warm antiseptic water sprayed from an atomiser?

    Any ideas, readers?

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  3. Unless a vital organ or artery has been impacted, the bleeding may actually serve to keep the wound cleansed. The adult birds are tough critters as I am sure you know. As long as you don't see an obvious decline in Felicity's health, she will probably heal on her own. Applying an antiseptic would be no easy task.
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  4. Thank you, E.S. That sounds like good advice. She's here this morning, booming and eating.

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  5. Thats great!, those are promising signs!!!! Keep me posted....
  6. Thank you for your advice, E.S. Strange to say, emu lovers on another continent are the sole source of help available to me!

    Felicity doesn’t seem to be bleeding any more. She’s eating well, and vocalising. The only ‘treatment’ that I can offer an ailing bird is to scatter multiple rations of wheat for it – that is, rather than dump it in a heap on the ground – which keeps the bird around the house-clearing. I’ll wait and see.

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  7. sounds like Felicity is on the road to recovery!

  8. Felicity seems to well on the mend. I haven't -- as I did at first -- tried to examine her; but there's no bleeding; she's eating heartily; and she's mounted a palace coup. Thank you for your concern, E.S.

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  9. chickenzoo

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    Pumba has gotten a chunk of chest removed by mean ol Merlin before.....it was nasty, but she recovered. I did squirt some hydrogen peroxide on her .....and sat on her to squirt Baytril down her throat....hehe. She was not happy. I know this is not possible for you SE, but some HP in a squirt bottle well aimed may help for the next time.

  10. Hi, E.H.
    Yes, knowledge is power – hydrogen peroxide, eh?! It will be interesting to see whether I can just buy it here -- and I'll set up emu-cam to record me trying to sit on Eric the Emu. It will be a hoot for you all, and I want violets on my grave.

    Now off we go to Planet Rothschildi.

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