Female Duck Dead--Need Help

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    Feb 18, 2019
    MY female duck was attacked by a dog a killed. We also have a male duck who had devoted his life to taking care of her. He doesn't know that she's dead and is very confused. I am worried about keeping him alone for about 2 months. My other research has shown that ducks should not be kept alone. I have chickens in a small coop. I have no idea how to help my male duck. I really need some information! Will he get depressed? Will he die? Should I put him in with my chickens? Should i give him to the lagoon ducks near my park? I know nothing and need help!
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    Is am so sorry for your loss and I’m sorry I don’t know much yet about ducks but there are awesome duck people here.

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    I am so sorry for your loss.
    I am not very knowledgable on ducks but I do know - do not put him in with your chickens. That could be dangerous. Is he near them? Can he see and hear them? If he can, it may keep him feeling like he has some company for the two months..... any way you could get him a friend sooner?
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    Please don’t give him to the lagoon ducks near the park! He is domesticated and relies on you for care... released animals often don’t survive.

    I had to rescue an indoor cat that was released in my neighborhood after the owner was put in psychiatric care having set his apartment on fire. Poor baby was completely helpless when the landlord turned it out at the end of the month... I felt awful for the owner, but I saved the cat (whole building got condemned and sold) and he now has a good home with someone that needed him.

    Don’t release domestic animals! Please!

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