Fermenting Feed for Meat Birds

Discussion in 'Meat Birds ETC' started by shadowmane, Mar 28, 2012.

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    That is indeed good to know and not something I was aware of. We hit 110* today, so summer is upon us!

    We hit 110* today, so I know the feeling. This is my first summer with chickens, so it'll be a learning experience. It is quite common for 115*-117* here, although 120*-122* is not unusual. Meanwhile, the nights can drop 30*-40*. It makes for interesting camping trips!
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    They are almost 6 weeks old ~ I started free ranging end of last week ~ 14 of them ~ since putting them out they are eating significantly less FF ~ my new worry will be predators until we get a livestock guardian dog but they are so fun to watch!
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    Mar 1, 2013
    Yes they are fun to watch. I think my 14 are about 12 weeks old and they do love foraging. I believe they have really helped the tick population where they are. To me, that is one big plus to having them. I know what you mean about the predators! I have got to do some fencing! I think fencing (especially electric) just might be a farmer's best friends. LOL
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    Agree! My 1st & only chicken book is Ussery's "Small Scale Poultry Flock" - he's a big fan & had me sold - hoping to incorporate at some point :)
  5. You'll want to be sure to provide shade and adequate ventilation for their coop, maybe incorporate a fan to keep the air moving. Some people put out pans of water for their birds to wade in, and some of them actually do it. I haven't tried that yet... probably this year.

    Also, changing their water mid day will be helpful as cool water is more palatable to them (can't blame them there).

    Other people freeze watermelon or monster zuccini and give that to them during the heat of the day. I've heard they love it and its nice and cool once it starts to thaw and also helps them to stay hydrated.

    Oh... and since their water goes through them so quickly you'll want to put chick vitamins/minerals in it or you can use 1 Tbsp organic apple cider vinegar to one gallon water.

    Good luck getting through the summer, it's always a trial. If you have a tree that you let your girls hang out under, a misting system from a hardware store will cause the shade under that tree to be about 20 degrees cooler, if I remember correctly.
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    At our hottest, it gets up to about 120. The summers are brutal, but I love it here!
    Here's the view out my front door!

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    Mar 1, 2013
    Very beautiful! I can see why you love living there. :)
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    Nov 14, 2012
    Hello.. just chiming in with a ??
    Colburg.. what breed of bird will you be lookin g at?

    Bee - good to see you.. you helped me earlier.. this year.
    just like me after Thanks giving dinner.. ; ) most ly dont need to forrage any more.. except for that 2nd piece of pie.. ; )
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    A little off topic, but none of the forms I've asked even know what I'm talking about. I've been fermenting feed for my chickens and its going very well, and while I was shoveling dry dog food into a bowl for my Bailey-girl, I got to thinking; could one ferment dry dog food with the same benefits as chicken feed, or would the meat/fish ingredients cause it to spoil rather than ferment? If it did spoil, how would I tell? I don't see why all the chicken benefits wouldn't carry over to a K-9?
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    People have considered this, but had concerns over spoilage, and also the lack of dry food leading to tooth problems. If your dog getts a lot of raw bones, probably not a problem. What I've been doing is scooping some of the "juice" over my dog's food. that way I think they get the best of both worlds.
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