Fifi, the Transgendered Hen (crummy pics on Page 3)


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Oct 19, 2008
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Fifi my buff polish hen has always been a joy to watch. She's always been a dominant bird and likes to set the rules around the coop. She's so dominant, in fact, that I was positive she was a HE until she layed an egg.

I've seen her mount the other, extremely-confused chickens. Nothing actually happens, she just flaps about wildly like she's seen Elvis the rooster do. When she's 'done' she saunters off proudly leaving her bewildered prey clucking nervously.

She crows, every morning and every evening. If a normal, MALE, rooster is supposed to go "Cock-a-doodle-doo" then her noise is more of a "KERK-A-DERDL-EAAAAGH" Again, this is mortifying to the other, sane chickens.

She gets into ROOSTER fights with our boy--and she's come away victorious more than once! She doesn't have spurs, but what she does have is a deep rooted insanity, so maybe that's her advantage.

I put her in solitary confinement JUST to make sure she was laying the eggs and..Sure enough, an egg a day. She's a darn good producer for a severly disturbed polish chicken.

Just thought I'd share the oddest one of flock.
She makes me laugh every day.
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I HAVE heard that they do have a habbit of being rather flakey, though my girl is a normal afro-chicken. You should put her back with the flock so maybe the rooster will over-throw her and she'll find...eer...her truer calling in life.
LOL That so much sounds like a chicken I would end up with. My SLW hates the rooster so bad that if he mounts one of the girls and she sees it she runs like lightening to knock him off. He does not even dare try to mount her. In November I lost my growling chicken. she was a light brahma and she learned to growl from the dog so she would growl at you instead of bok bok at you.

Your gal would fit right in here.

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