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Jun 19, 2008
... HOUSE!!!!!!

Yes, we have a rat issue in my coops as well and trying to handle that without poison is ending up being a monumental challenge!..


IN THE HOUSE!!!!!!??????

what the!!!!!

We thought we had mice in our kitchen closet until I tried to clean it out to trap them and a RAT jumped IN MY FACE!!!

So, my problem now is that they are not getting in the rat traps we've set out!... They just skirt around them and carry on with their filthy business!!!

Any ideas on how to get rid of these things as quickly and poison free as possible!?????



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Jun 19, 2008
oh.. the traps we are using are just the standard stick your head in and ---------

I don't mind those, but the poison is out of the question.. I had a beloved dog lost to rat poison.. not going thru that again!


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Feb 15, 2010
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When I worked at the zoo we trapped with snap traps and put peanut butter on the traps. We'd set the trap along a route where the rat was FORCED to pass, no way to skirt around. You may have to create a bottle neck so the rat is forced that way. My only suggestion. Sorry

I had a pet rat when I was a kid and she was a super pet. I wouldn't want wild ones running through my house me the shivers!!


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Nov 13, 2009
Everett, WA
1.) Clean up any and all brush, overgrown weeds, piles, and any overhanging branches from trees. Rats avoid going in the open if they can, and they typically move in and out of the house via sheltered pathways. Seriously, landscaping is the BEST way to get rid of a rat problem.

2.) Find their entry ways into the house and fix them. There are pest control specialists that you can call to help you identify them (because they can get through entryways the size of a quarter, you might miss them) and fix them too if you need it.

3.) Clean out pantries, and lock up any grains or boxes of food they can chew through.

4.) Scrub up rat messes and urine trails thoroughly with something like Nature's Miracle. Rats use urine and feces as markers to "talk" to other rats and tell them where things are and what to avoid (traps). Keep those cleaned up! Disrupt their pathways, and you will disorient them.

5.) Clean out your attic and basement and pack things tight in Rubbermaid bins instead of cardboard boxes. If you have clutter, you have rat nests.

6.) Snap traps and live traps are the best ways I've found for poison-less trapping. Bait with peanut butter or scraps of meat.


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Aug 5, 2007
What are you using for bait?
Rats are suckers for bacon, cooked or raw.
Only a supernatural rat could resist a piece of bacon in a Victor rat trap.

Good luck,


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Sep 11, 2009
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My Coop
I've read of putting dry plaster of Paris or cement in with some grain and set it out for them to consume. They die and if your dog or cat should happen to eat it they are in no danger.


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Apr 9, 2007
go to your local pet shelter and rescue 2 kitties. Feed a bit of dry food everyday for nutrition and so they know you are taking care of them, but then you probably won't have anymore rats anywhere. We had them outside digging tunnels into and out of our duck pens everyday. We adopted 2 barn cats ~2 months ago and haven't seen any live rats since. Only dead ones being carried around as trophies.


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Apr 7, 2010
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I got rid of the ones out at the barn by washing the holes they were useing in the ground with a water hose , drownded them , yhey probably have one under the house .


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Jun 1, 2010
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I use the old fashioned rat trap from Victor. Because we have cats and dogs, I've placed the trap inside a wooden box with a hinged lid. Cats can't get their paws squished, and same with the dogs. The setup use their (rat's) behavior to our advantage. The traps are placed up against the wall. And they love to crawl through small spaces. They are curious.

The dark piece of wood next to the victor trap inside a box is to keep the rat from being able to jump out of the way of the metal bar. Yes there is one inch opening bettween the bottom of the box and the dark piece of wood (gives access to the bait).

The open space between the dark wood spacer and the right side is there to lengthen the distance between the opening and the metal bar of the trap. Trap is out of reach of the cat.

The box is made from 1"x6" board. The width of the box is approx. 12" height is approx. 7" width is the width of the 1"x6" board. And the victor trap is screwed to the box through the bottom.

and the front view. Arched entry just for the rat. Classy


1 1"x6"x6' pine board. (requie cutting to make the sides, top, bottom... of the box
1 1"x4"x6" pine board (require cutting to fit inside the box.)
17 #8 1-1/4" screws
1 1-1/2" hinge with 5 screws.
1 Victor rat trap.

cost about $2.00 for the new victor trap. Rest came from my excess supply in the garage. And 30 minutes of my time.

I think I'm going to paint the inside with enamel paint so I can wash the mess out with a garden hose.

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