Finally a diagnosis of MG - now what?

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    Dec 4, 2013
    I've had chickens for months now and was a "newbie". Well I have put in a lot of time and research and learned through heartbreak. Our chickens have been battling respiratory illness for months. I finally sent one out for necropsy after lots of failed vet appointments and recommendations. We came back positive for MG. My instinct from what I now know is to cull my flock. It stinks, but I am getting much more into chicken keeping, hatching, selling etc. and I can't morally do that without a healthy flock.

    The question is this: The vet I spoke with said 6 weeks of sitting and heavy sanitization of the coop are in order. BUT he said that the dirt run would never be safe again...and since mine also free range it's basically a death sentence for any and all future birds forever.

    Anyone else have other information? Links I can read on this? Is it really forever? I want more chickens once these are culled, but don't want to have to go through this nightmare again. PLEASE help!
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    Sorry about the MG diagnosis. If you were to close your flock to getting new birds or selling birds or hatching eggs, you could keep your existing flock. MG exists in the environment on shoes, clothes, and hair for around 3 days. I've never heard that it stays in the soil forever. Here are some of the better articles that I have seen, and there are many more to look for:

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