Finally built a page for my Playskool Coop!


10 Years
Jul 30, 2009
I've finally built a page for my coop. It is an old playskool house that I have converted. Of course there is no contest going on right now!!
Please take a look, if you like. Got most of the ideas from other BYC members. Thanks you all!
Call me weird, but that is the absolute coolest coop I've seen!
Now i'm re-thinking buying one of the playskool houses for my kids!
Eggs4Sale- Yeah, you should just go ahead and buy it for yourself!! Or say you're buying it for the kids, then next week when they are bored with it you can snag it from them!! Heehee!
I love it! Very original and I think you can still enter it in the next coop contest BYC starts up. I do think you'll need more than 1 nest box - maybe your husband can add another one to the other window?
Thanks! Even the sign was recycled. It used to say "Garden of Weedin" I just painted over it. I will only have two pullets. I have eight right now- six will be butchered when they reach fryer size at the end of Oct. Think I can get by with one nest box?

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