Finally candled all my eggs


5 Years
Apr 15, 2014
I'm on day 12. I had looked at a few but never all 36. I finally did it tonight and wow it took forever. But I think 34 out of 36 have moving chicks inside. Its hard to see on those BCMs. I don't have a Candler. I have the flashlight ap on my phone and its actually really bright. In even the darkest ones I can see dark portions, veins, and the air cell. One light egg is completely clear and one has a chick that is much earlier developed and no movement I can tell, I think it died a few days ago. I have a couple with the air cell off centered. Any idea why? And they're different sizes on each egg. Why the air cell size discrepancy? All in all though I got really lucky. I bought from 2 different local breeders. 1 dozen RIR, 1 dozen Buff orphington, and 1 dozen BCMs. I rotated the whole incubator tonight (I'm manually turning) just in case one side is different. But I mix them up randomly anyway when turning.

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