Finally got my quail records all in to my new record/pedigree program (plus photos of some chicks!)


Egg Of A Different Color
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Mar 17, 2010
Palmyra, WI

I picked up Kintraks Animal Breeder software this week as it looked like it would generate nice, easy pedigrees if I want them and actually is pretty powerful at reporting progeny, coefficients of inbreeding, keeping track of breedings, etc. It was a little clunky at first to start using it, but the more I play with it, the more proficient I'm becoming and manipulating the program to do what I want. Took me a bit, but I finally inputted all of my records into it from 2016 and 2017.

I like that I set it to display whatever info I want on the pedigrees. I ended up inputting two types of entries, individual entries and cross record entries for where I didn't know which hen laid each egg. That's the one thing it's not set up for, multiple dams (or sires). Honestly, that won't bother me much going forward because I'm not planning to group breed anymore, at least not unless I can tell who laid which egg (like one celadon and one splotched egg laying hen in a trio pen).

Here's a sample of an a pedigree it generated for me. Worked pretty slick. :)


I'm not trying to sell the program and have no affiliation with it, I'm just a pedigree junkie happy to find a program I am fairly happy with. LOL Thought I'd share the information.

Also wanted to share my newest kids!

Anyway, thought I'd share some of the photos I quick grabbed of the newest generation of my breeding projects to play with the program's photo capabilities. (The color on their heads is from the my marking them long enough to get them tagged.) These guys are from my pairings, working on combining my favorite genes - extended black / lavender / roux / celadon. Loving the extended black lavenders, so gorgeous and smooth charcoal.

Alexi R411-v.17.6.3 (2).JPG Angel A244-v.17.6.2 (1).JPG Bright Gr344-v.17.8.1 (1).JPG Brimstone A238-v.17.7.2 (2).JPG Cloud A237-v.17.7.2 (1).JPG Collins R412-v.17.6.3 (1).JPG Damon A236-v.17.7.2 (2).JPG Joann A247-v.17.6.2 (2).JPG Mimi A241-v.17.6 (2).JPG Naphthol Gr345.v.17.9.1 (2).JPG Phthalo Gr348-v.17.9.1 (2).JPG Roger A240-v.17.6.2 (1).JPG Seasons A242-v.17.6.2 (1).JPG Tom A245-v.17.6.2 (2).JPG Ultramarine Gr346-v.17.9.1 (3).JPG

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