FINALLY.. I Think They Are Starting To Look Like A Chicken


8 Years
Aug 6, 2011
Pacific North West
Well, I have been looking at the girls the last few days and they are really looking like chickens only small.
They/Steve is kind of getting regular about the life and the way it works with the little girls. When do they go to the next stage of chicken-ness? Chicks to what? The end result is eggs, Right? So in the meantime how do you get them ready or Steve ready for properly preparing them / me for what needs to get ready next? I have it all done as for the brooding area, 5 15X15" sitting boxes, perch, drop back for getting access to the boxes and eggs. I just changed the food to next step according to feed store, starting on crushed oyster shells, which is high in calcium for the better quality egg. I am putting vitamins in the water supply. What Else????

What have you done to prepare yourself for having chickens that lay eggs?

I would love any and all ideas

Am I clueless? LOL

Things that you tried and did not work!!!

Things you tried that did?

Things that surprised you that accually worked Hah!!

Help....... I am flying by the seat of BYC

Unless you notice them having really thin weak egg shells then they don't need oyster shell and if they aren't laying yet they for sure don't need it or need to be eating "Layer" feed. Just give it time and let nature do it's thing. If you load up the young girls with too much calcium then you will damage their kidneys and other internal organs.
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Yes, I heard the same thing about the calcium. Layer feed is supposed to be after they are 20 weeks +. I don't know much but I "hear" most hens don't start laying eggs until 20 - 25 weeks and that is on the early side.

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