Finally, one of my girls laid her first egg!!

Congrats on getting your first egg! This will be our first winter with the chickens, so I can't answer the question about the frozen egg, but with winter quickly approaching and a coop with no heat, I'll be waiting to hear answers on that one too :)
Woo Hoo! Isn't that first egg exciting? I had that feeling not long ago myself. Getting up to 4 eggs a day now from my white eggers
Good to know about frozen finds, bwalden. Thanks!
Yes, that first egg is exciting! And today, we actually got two-one from one of my younger girls and one from our older chicken. Those first eggs are so cute! I'm wondering if another of my younger girls will lay very soon. She was kind of lying around more, today. My son saw her and thought she was dead but a little while later, she was moving around just fine. As for the frozen egg, my dogs got a little treat, because I just wasn't sure, but now I know. Thanks, bwalden!:)
Yea!! My second young chicken laid her first egg, today!! My boys found it while I was at work. So, that's three eggs for us, today! Just waiting on my third young chicken. She doesn't squat, lay around or sound any announcing calls, like the others. So she may be a while.:)

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