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    I found this post and it has helped me and I have also added to it si I have the items on hand.

    Ive added 2 different sized scissors, large and a small near the size of a scissor used for embrodiery.

    A pocket knife
    A baggy of flour, for bleeding
    styptic stick
    ky jelly
    lamb feeding kit - for tube feeding chicken
    valbazen wormer
    tylan 50
    glovers needle & thread incase ever need to do stitches
    super glue
    small bottle honey - for prolapse
    small baggy of sugar for prolapse
    bottle of saline. solution
    iodine solution, weak for wound cleaning
    baby asprin
    can of starting fluid - to euthanize
    magnifying glass
    towel for a bird wrap
    small tubes pliable plastic for drainage if needed for stitches
    calcium tablets
    nail trimmer
    small bowls and plastic basin used only for animals, cleaned with bleach
    small syringes & needles for subcutaneous injections (feed store has them)
    various sized syringes for feeding or medication.

    I have all of these items on a shelf by the backdoor, with a box so I can grab what I need and head out to the animals. I am an old EMT-D, am learning what applies to humans applies to chickens too. (they just can't tell you what is wrong)

    I am sure I'll be adding things or swiping from the human kit as time goes by, this seems to be a good start. As we have so many people with injuries, illnesses thought it would be good to post this.


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    I have many of those items... Other good ones to have are Kaytee Exact Baby Bird Food, Pedialyte, 10% Baytril, Nystatin and fluconazole.

  3. Wyandottes7

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    Jul 24, 2013
    Electrolytes and vitamins are also good ideas. Electrolytes help with stress, and vitamins can be used for such things as wry neck and leg injuries. BlueKote spray is also helpful for coating wounds blue to prevent picking.

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