FIRST EGG!!! Can we eat it?


Aug 16, 2020
Mid Atlantic
We just got our first egg 30 mins ago, a perfect brown egg thanks to Dandelion aka Dandy. I went outside thinking there was a falcon again, they were singing a very loud egg song. Dandy was sitting in the nest box bwaking her beak off, she moved away, and lo and behold a perfect little brown egg! We have a few questions maybe you could answer, and If you could that would be very helpful.
Wow a coincidence, LOVELY brown egg from Liquorice the Sex Link just now!
Of course you can eat it enjoy! Any other questions?
Thanks! This is so funny! I can't believe they layed at the same time! We would also like to know if she will lay again soon, and If there is anything we should know about this.
She will lay in the next few days. They eggs will get bigger, and possibly change colour.
What are you feeding them?
Do they have calcium?

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