First egg yesterday, now I am lurking often on this egglaying forum


10 Years
May 23, 2009
Santa Cruz, CA

I never had much interest in this forum section before this week, but after getting my first egg yesterday....I am checking in often to hear the news about others getting first egg or waiting impatiently for the first egg to drop!

NOW, I am waiting for my second egg to drop and for the other girls to contribute and throw down. Funny that it was my boss hen that was the first to donate.

Next year should be egg crazy for all of us newbie owners.


p.s. I am planning to bake a cake this weekend with my first egg
Congratulations! It's pretty exciting, huh? My girls have been laying for several weeks and I am still thrilled and delighted with every single egg.

Enjoy the cake! I had my first one over easy.
Seriously, I don't even read the other sections is all about the new eggs these days.

I got my second egg today

I can't wait until the others start laying

Congrats on the first and second spring you will not be able to keep up!!!!I got my first egg almost 2 weeks ago (saturday) from my 24 week old GLW. was checking every day since they were 19-20 weeks old
But she is a good girl, 12 eggs in 14 days. The other three are the same age but have not 'delivered' yet.....And it is still exciting to get that little egg, can't wait to get a few a day so I don't have to save up for omelette or quiche....
I would have never thought I'd get so into this...
Lurking again

Tomorrow, I plan to get busy and finish the second half of my almost complete enclosed run (Chicken Run Part Duex). My run addition is built and painted, roofing is in place, I just need to attach and bury the hardware and finish the run access door and a couple more trips to the hardware store.

Pics to follow,

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