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Jun 20, 2009
Rigby, Idaho
ok so i have a daughter who is autistic and is in first grade. last nite while finishing up her home work for the weekend, i saw this problem:

Color the congruent shapes blue

WHAT?! what in the world is congruent??? gaahhh poor kenzie is just starting to figure out how to read the word 'color' and they throw congruent in there?? I looked it up. ok so it means things that are the same size and shape... what ever .
i wish that the parents had a say in the lesson plans!
My DS is very mathy smart. I failed pre algebra twice. I quit helping with his math homework by the time he was in 5th grade. Some of the stuff he came home with in elementary school was over my head.
LOL Mine did that a few weeks ago..

then I was drawing something for the 5 yr old this wkend and my 7 yr old says; mom; that isnt congruent! LOL
When my kids were little I used to grumble and gripe about the amount and type of homework they give the kids, even in the very early grades. Then I realized that its the world we live in nowadays. To be able to function in our fast paced world, with all the technology we have, the poor kids have to hit the ground running.

It's a shame really. Kids don't hardly get a chance to be kids.
But they end up in college not knowing the most basic history and not able to write a basic college paper..... I struggle to help my 5th grader with her homework, but it is due to lack of exercise of those muscles y'know?? You lose stuff you don't use, but kids need to be exposed to it all so they can have options later.
My daughter complains "its too much homework" every night. It would take her half an hour to complete two assignments, one reading and one writing or spelling. I never had homework until I was in 2nd grade and I pity my daughter.

School isn't what it used to be. One problem I am going to have is teaching her math because they do it differently. Like the "Chicago" method vs our own hometown math like the division.
My little brother is in a Waldorf school so the home work isn't that bad. But he still struggles because even though he's not as dyslexic as I am. He's just not interested I think, that kid can explain particle physics but can't tell you off the top of his head what 4X8 is.
I've heard from my mom that the school district here is thinking about getting rid of homework?! @#$! Why didn't they do that when I was in school?!

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