First time incubating - so excited!!


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Nov 16, 2015
So, my eggs finally arrived today! We are starting with 14 Ancona duck eggs. I read that we have to wait 24 hours before putting them in the incubator, is this correct?
I didn't do this with my eggs but mine didn't come from very far. If you got them by mail it's probably better to let them be for a day. You might want to check if the air cells are still in the right place, sometimes they can get loose from the shipment. There should be some articles about this on the site, so try to find and read them

Good luck!:weee
Yes, that's what most people seem to do with shipped eggs to allow them to settle after shipping. I would do as Kroelies suggested and candle them all as well to check for air cell damage and shallow cracks that might not be visible otherwise, just to assess their condition and see if you need to provide any further special care for any of them. If you do a search for "shipped eggs" or "damaged air cells" on here you should find alot of information about shipped eggs and what to do if any of them have damaged or loose air cells. Good luck with your hatch! :)
Thank you. They did come from far away (about 1500 miles). They were shipped Saturday and received today. They are filthy, they look like they were laid in a mud puddle, but I assume we are to just leave them be. I'll wait until tomorrow morning and then put them in the incubator.


Silly ducks and their love for mud. They look dirty but eggs should not be "cleaned" because they have a very thin layer of oil that protects them. Just in case you didn't know this already :old
Yesterday was day 7 in the incubator, so we candled them. This is the first time we've done this, so I'm really not sure what to look for. The eggs are still pretty dirty with some caked on mud which is now hard like cement, so it is hard to see through all of them, but we did see veins on at least two eggs. Here are pictures of some of our eggs. Please let me know if everything looks normal, and also how to tell if the humidity is good. Thank you!


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