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Mar 19, 2018
Hello! Just got 3 chicks today, the light, shavings, food, probiotics and vitamins... it's kinda cold here ... 37° so I moved them into my garage. But they're chirping kinda loud now... Is that bad? They're a week old. Any and all tips and tricks more than appreciated on all things baby chicks Thanks in advance
Chicks peeping really loudly are usually too cold but can be loud from other stress. Do you have a warmer in your brooder? Chicks cannot regulate their body temperature for the first weeks and need a heat source. You can use a heat lamp if you really have to but a heat plate or 'mother hen pad' would be better. You can read about all of them around the forum!

Welcome to chicken mamahood and :welcome!
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What temperature are you brooding at? Loud chirping is generally a sign they are unhappy for some reason.
Where is here? What kind of light (red, clear, 125w, 250w)? Can they move away from the heat lamp (big enough area to move around)? Might be cheeping due the changes in their environment. Good luck!
I'm in Oregon. Heat lamp is 250W yes they can move away from it. I just want to do this right!


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What side of OR? Wet or dry? Usually the west side is more mild temps, so the 250w could be pretty hot for them - how hot does it feel to your hand at chick level? Are they in a brooder that will protect them from drafts? As long as they are eating/drinking and able to regulate their exposure to heat, then you should be ok. Check them for any “pasty butt” - when poop dries in their feathers and blocks more from coming out- and gently clean it off with warm water (and dry them gently). But it’s a new environment to them. Good luck!
Aww they are so cute. <3 For peace of mind you may want to tape a thermometer in there so you know the temp in their brooder. Feed stores have them for a few bucks. It looks like they don't have much of a temperature gradient in there; they can't really get closer or further away from the heat. Could you possibly put them in a rectangular one with the lamp at one side so they can move away from the heat if they want to? Definitely possible they are upset from all the big changes, don't worry you are a good mama. :) I can tell because you're here asking questions! <3
I'm in Oregon. Heat lamp is 250W yes they can move away from it. I just want to do this right!
This set up is way too small. Get a large cardboard box, hang the light over one end (they just need one warm spot in the brooder, not a whole warm box), so they can pick the temperature they like. Put feed and water in the middle for the first three days, then move them all the way to the cool end of the brooder box. Space, the ability to move into and away from a heated area is crucial. 2x4’ is a good size for just a few chicks.
Definitely way too small. Your chicks can't get away from the heat. A 250 watt bulb is too hot too in most instances. I recommend a 125 watt. You are gonna cook chicks in that set up unfortunately. Get something bigger, at least 2x3, 2x4 is better for now. In a few weeks they will need even bigger.

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