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    Jan 19, 2012
    Hi, I am still new to all this and Had have 5 red stars or sexlinks since last April and it's been fun watching them close to almost a year now. When we got them they had there feathers coming in on them and were ready for the outside. Now we have added to our flock since then. Just within the last three months we have gotten several different chickens and all different breeds. We want a mixture of different colors and characters it's neat and interesting watching them and how they respone to us and anything else as well. I have two slickies one white and it's a roo a cochin batam which is also a roo. The other slikie is black and we have a buff orphin. We now have add six new little babies (peeps) since yesterday, all different of course. I have never had baby chicks this young before with the heat lamp on them. I am having sooo much fun watching them and taking care of them, ther just sooo adorable. I feel kinda like a new mom all over again. The first night I haven't had a whole lot of sleep and still getting used to them. If there is any additonal advise is welcome here. I now have fithteen chickens now, The babies are two slikie cochins two catico cochins and a paritage slikie. Thanks Diane[​IMG]
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    [​IMG] week 1 degrees week 2 80 degrees week 3 75 and so on until week 7. Take them out from week 5 during the day to get used to the coop and brooder. Medicated chick feed until 20+ weeks and have lots of fun.

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