Jul 8, 2019
Hello! I know this might be a bit off topic, but I need help finding sellers of Flamingos.

I have done extensive research on their care, including but not limited to the American Zoological Association's guidelines for their care. I have prepared resources for their diet, shelter, space, and humane treatment and am wanting to start a small colony in the future, I'm also in the process of getting the proper forms and permits filed to import and care for them. My only roadblock is finding reasonably priced birds. In America they all appear to be thousands of dollars, but I've heard they are drastically cheaper in areas like South Africa and Pakistan where they are sold in the hundreds for pairs. But I am having an immense amount of trouble finding any of these sellers

If anyone knows any reputable sellers of Flamingos (preferably chicks) at reasonable prices, please let me know how I can get in contact with them. And anyone with general advice or insights about these wonderful birds feel free to share. :) I always welcome more information.


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