flies everywhere in my house YUCK!!!


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Dec 16, 2008
I have hose flies everywhere and cant find the source.

where could they be laying their eggs? I know that they are breeding inside cause I get batches of them all the same size in waves. I have fly tape and wont use sprays so I am at a loss.

Could they be breeding in my potted plants? I know not to leave food out (easier said than done with a 3 year old son)

I am at my wits end. Gonna clean really well this week including the moving of all furniture to get under them but I dont know where to look really and I am also scared for when i find it as I hate bugs!

Anyone have any suggestions?

Next year I am gonna do soldier wasps in my property but that is not an option in my home. I have fly traps but it only catches a few as they all seem to land on the plastic part that is not sticky

It is just so gross and not healthy either. Any suggestions appreciated.
They seem to be everywhere this year. We have had them bad also. Could be the changing weather, and yes they could have laid eggs in the house plants! You could use chemicals, or non-chemical spray on your plant...and just wait them out. Keep the flyswatter handy, and wipe the counter before cooking.
do you think if I put bags over the plants with a small air hole that I might be able to figure it out? has anyone tried that? maybe I should just put all plants outside but then I will have other bug issues to deal with if I bring back in for the winter.

so gross!
we have had the same prob. We discovered that they were breeding in a pile of dog food that got overlooked in one of the not used very often outside dog kennels. I have had really good luck with the sticky strips though.
We have cluster flies, we spray them with Konk in the evenings when they're all sleepy/droopy because its cold. I put fly strips up everywhere, and they get stuck during the day too .
I had the same problem last year. In my research I found that a lot of people get "drain flies," which are breeding in an unused (or rarely used) sink. So now would be a good time to clean out all your sinks.

In my case, I live in a cabin which is raised above the ground on posts, with sort of an open-air crawlspace. I had to go down there for another reason, and found that the neighbor's cat had been hiding dead birds down there to snack on. Problem solved!
I to would like ideas to eliminate this fly problem...I hung sticky tape in the coop n all 3 were full in a day.We have them in the garage and house too.All the feed in in closed rubbermaid containers and in the house,nothing is left out...We have NEVER had flies like this..Twice now Ive had maggots in my garbage can,never ever had that before.I tie up all the plastic trash bags and clean out the can every week...that was sooo gross I dont know what else to do? I swatted abt 50 flies just in the garage in abt 10 mins...Nothing ard to attract them.....where are they coming from..
I caught a lot of flys this year with one of those jug traps. You put stinky stuff in the bottle and then fill to line with water. I caught thousands. When it got full I took it to the pond, submergerd it and fed my pond fish with the contents.
When you run out of the attractant you need to look around the chicken yard for flys congregating on some fresh poop and use that.
As far as horse flies (is that what you meant- not hose flys?). They have to get a blood meal and that is a whole different deal. I have tons of dragon flies in my fields that grab and eat them thank heavens. I wish there was a way to purchase them commercially.
If I were you I would put bird boxes up all over the place. Also, there are species of wasps that will grab flies and feed them to their young, so don't be so quick to get rid of wasps.
I don't have any flies in my house so I don't know if any of this will help.
I had a horrible fly problem until I brooded guinea keets in my dining room.
Probably not the recommended solution, but it worked. Mine were breeding in the bunny rabbits litter boxes. Turned out my son wasn't dumping them every day like he was supposed to.
I heard to fill a ziplock bag 1/2 full of water and six pennies over your doorways and where ever flies are a problem ..something about the light reflections causing them to be fearful and go away..worth a try and cheap!

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