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9 Years
May 12, 2010
Hudson, MA
I bought the girls a Flock block from Purina as a Christmas treat for them. Needless to say, they love it!

But what concerns me is that they are now no longer eating their pellets like before. I haven't filled their feeder since Christmas. I used to fill it 1-2x/week. Now granted they also have had their share of Christmas leftovers but it just seems like they aren't eating as they did before the Flock Block. They are also molting & I'm lucky to get 1 egg/day. Should I take away the Flock Block or just let them enjoy it???
I have one too at first they chowed down on it now it just sits there. The block is a supplement for free ranges so it has good stuff in it and as long as you keep their feeder full, I would think it is ok. I just got scratch for mine and now their ignoring their crumbles, I guess it's like the choose between ice cream and brussel sprouts.
Any time mine get seeds/treats like that they fill up on them and skip the pellets, just like children eating chips or cookies before supper

I only bought one of the flock blocks, eons ago. They aren't that hard to make yourself, and you can control the size and amounts. I take scratch, a wild seed mix, BOSS, some whole grain bread, oatmeal, dried and fresh fruits, sometimes peanut butter sometimes lard (from my piggies that I render myself ~ NOT the store crud), etc. Mix some egg whites, water/milk/yogurt, and mush it together until it sticks. I pack it in one of those 'huge' muffin tins or shape it into balls and bake it until it's pretty solid and dry.

My favorites are still cabbage tether ball or an apple mobile (apples on different lengths of twine tied to a stick that is hung from the middle). They get lots of exercise and fun out of both. I usually only give them the flock blocks when it's cold and/or rainy. As far as I can tell, they actually like lousy weather just because of them
I got mine a flock block a few weeks ago and they totally ignored the crumble until the block was gone. Not sure I'm going to do that again unless I make my own much smaller.
If you read the label on your Flock Block, you'll most likely find that it only provides about 9 or 10% protein versus layer feed, which is generally 16 - 18% protein, or Flock Raiser, which I believe is 18- 20% protein. Flock Block is a huge treat block. Feather regrowth (molting) and egg laying both require a lot of protein, so I'd minimize the treats for now and force them back on their feed. Maybe just put it out for 30 minutes an evening if you want them to have a treat??? Around my house, it'd be like putting out a HUGE block of rice crispy treats or snickers bar - none of use would be eating the peas or apples with a huge treat block around
I have one and do not like them. Mine stayte dry but still smells and well they like it and do not at the same time. Once it is gone I will not buy one again. I feel that etween scratch and layer feed plus treats that is enough for them. My original purchase of the flock block was when I penned them up after taking away there free range time and letting my back yard grow again.
Flock blocks are AWESOME. But they're really meant to help curb aggression and help fufill your hens' needs to peck. I don't keep on in the coop all the time. In fact, if I don't notice anything I just give them scratch out in the run with dead leaves/hay to scratch through.
i got my girls one for Christmas as well. Along with a heavier protien food (flock raiser instead of layena) they actually seem to be chowing down on the crumbles instead!!!! they have had the flock block outside in their pen before and ate it, but not until it was pecked apart. Guess my girls are just way to spoiled to ruin their beaks on pecking it apart. might chip a beak!!!!!
I love the Flock Block as a little remedy for that winter confinement boredom. I don't find that it has anymore offensive odor than, well, the chickens themselves. But mind you my climate is cold and dry right now. I don't know what I would think about it with a little humidity. I will not use flock blocks in the summer because the flies LOVE them, and they tend to fall apart in the humid conditions.

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