Flock dynamics?


9 Years
Jan 10, 2011
I have an existing flock of 6 juniors (approximately 4 months old or so). I have to add to that a mature unrelated male and female. Will they be ok together? its a big pen. anything i should watch for?
Not if you just put them in there and they have not met threw the wire for a time, my youngest wee pee is very small and only 3 months old, my grown cameo hen followed me into it's Baby's pen and you know that wee pea took after her.

how big is your pen?
not sure exactly, about 20'x20' I'll have to split them up when the youngsters start maturing but this is a winter procedure.
I would have a back up plan just in case.

Mine free range but i have raised them in ground pens before i turn them loose at the age of 4 months, then i open the gate and let them start comming out, the older peas are nosey and invade their pen , at first peas are in the panic mode but after a few days all is well and they are walking together, eating and dustbathing like they been tofgeather forever.

He is a photo i took today of the older peas taking over the younger peas pen on the second day they were turned out, of course they too were raised here so it is like home to them, makes it easy to catch them when they get older also.

This is their first day out with the big guys.
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i introduced the older hen to them tonight, they seam to be just fine, the top juvenile male walked over to her and stretched up to look her in the eyes (looked like some sort of sizing up challenge), and she had non of that, bit him on the beak, he returned to normal posture and went back to eating. fingers crossed that it will remain that easy lol.

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