flock swarming my feet!

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    Feb 22, 2016
    How do I keep the chickens from flocking around my feet? I can hardly get to the feeders. I have stepped on so many little feet no matter how carefull I think I am. Some have even flew up om our shoulders and heads. We feed twice a day and have several feeding pans. We check for eggs 2/3 times a day. They only act this way in the morning at the first feeding.
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    Before you enter the area with the morning feed, make it a habit of going in with a broom and do rapid sweeping motions in front of and around you to scatter the birds. Don't allow them to crowd you. Then go back out and get the feed to bring in and feed them
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    That's because you are food lady! They know where the food is and the hungry little raptors think they will get special attention by tripping you up!

    Have you tried to throw a bit on the ground away from the food dishes/pans to distract them away from your feet? This is what we did when we had our last batch of birds.

    Or even have a free choice feeder so they can eat in the morning before you get out there?
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    Balanced chicken ration should be available all the time, except maybe at night if you have rodent problems.
    I throw some scratch in the run to get them out of coop to clean and refill feeders in morning.
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    I agree, mine meet me at the gate, but a hand full thrown out into the run. Mine are not starving, they are just sure that whatever I have, is better!

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