Flock with lice, please help!!

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    Hi All,
    Got a question for those who have had to deal with lice. My birds had lice last year but I washed all 30+ of them, two times last year and it was gone but now it is back. I am thinking that I will do the same, Sunday it is going to be in the hight 70's maybe even 80 here. This year I would like to add a powder or a spray to the coop and or birds. I will not use seven does anyone have suggestions?
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    I use ivermectin-- a few drops tot he back of the neck, and the lice disappear. Repeat in three weeks to take care of the eggs. Much esier than washing, not as nasty as dusting with powder. And I don't know of any sprays one might use. One thing about the powder though, you can put it in the next boxes so control them.
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    Warmed virgin coconut oil. Apply using as spray or by dropper directly on feather base and where ever else you see the buggers/eggs. VCO dissolves exoskeleton and egg casings within 1-2 days. Usually sooner. Easy, safe and I don't believe anyone who tried this method on this forum has been disappointed. There are several threads on this if you search.
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    The poultry dust commonly sold in feed stores is usually a pyrethrin/permethrin compound. Same stuff is sold as Adams' flea and tick spray at WalMart, TSC, the vet, etc. The spray is handy to treat the coop walls and roosts and such. Be sure you change out the litter as well.

    I don't think you have to retreat in 10 days if you use ivermectin or Eprinex pour on; I think it stays in their system long enough to kill hatching eggs. Might want to check that out.

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