flooding solutin in run


9 Years
Feb 17, 2010
East Hartland, CT
The last time it rained really hard in Connecticut my whole run was flooded. I forgot that the ground freezes in Northern Connecticut. My ducks loved it, first "pond" they have ever been in. My chickens on the other hand hate to get wet. well i was really fed up wit having to shovel water into a wheel burrow and haul it out. I was talking to my granpa and he said to dig a trench from the middle of the run to the outside of the run. It hadn't raine hard since so i really never got a chance to test it. Well yesterday it poured all day long. I was hoping the trench was doing its job. But then i remebered i forgot to clear the snow away from the opening. Well i got home and went straight out there. And to my surprise, the water was leaving the run. There was still a puddle but it was only a little one in the center of the run. I cleared the snow away from the opening and realized that the water was going right underneath it.

So if anyone has flooding problems in their run, try didgging a trench. I first tried to solve it by replacing the clay soil with sand. It works fine in the warm monthes but still froze in the winter. Hope this helps someone.

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