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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by gryeyes, Nov 8, 2011.

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    I never realized ducks - girls - were such floozies until I got a call duck pair, and then later, four Cayuga ducks.

    I had a Cayuga pair until the hen was killed by a predator when she was brooding a nest full of eggs. That left me with Louie, the widower Cayuga drake. Bought four straight run ducklings, all turned out male. Lost one. Hatched three call ducks, lost one, left with the pair. The four Cayuga drakes frequently raped the call duck, to her mate's consternation, until the calls learned to fly to safety.

    I bought six sexed female Cayuga ducklings, lost two to a predator when they started to wander at night. (Now everybody goes into the coop with the chickens, even my Toulouse pair.)

    Priscilla, the call duck hen, seduces Elvis her mate several times a day. SHE initiates the coy head bobbing. He cannot resist her advances. His victory lap around the pool cracks me up. The Cayuga drakes are always interested, but not quick enough to catch her. The Cayuga girls are now flirting with the drakes. A LOT.

    Because of the past Cayuga drake behavior with the call hen, I thought this would be just a drake issue, but those girls are floozies!
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    Rofl! My call girls climb up onto each other while my little fat drake looks on in a state of confusion!!
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    Quote:My fat Muscovy drake waits till the girls get close enough then he grabs ahold of them and jumps on. lol sometimes they do escape though.
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    My girls dont really do much. They go about their day and if one of my drakes happens to get ahold of one they just stay there kinda like Is it over yet? then go about their bussiness.
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    I have a Muscovy hen names Floozie because she would let the rooster, gander & drakes all have a go! She's happily sitting on a nest now though so hopefully kids will change her loose ways [​IMG]
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    a few of my call hens will do the "dead man float" with thier heads just above the water for the drake to get on her. its hilarious. and the teenager drakes are bad at thier job (right now) they are just learning.

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    My ancona hen does this with my rouen drake, she will lay out flat on the water and do this weird quack, and then he will grab ahold and..... Well, you get it. The rouen hen will run for her life when he gets in the water with her. And the younger welsh haequins know not to get in the big duck pool. Lol!

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