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Jun 8, 2009
I bought about 5 ten pound bags of DE last time I had chickens because they had mites ... I sprinkled it around the coop to deter what ever I could. The chickens did not seem to have any adverse reactions to it. Oddly, I didn't see a huge difference in the mite population, although the infestation couldn't have been that bad because the birds were never bothered or acted sick ... it just grossed me out.
Now I have 60 new chicks (born may 11th) ... they are in a new location and I'm reading all over this sight that the birds can dust bathe in DE mixed with dirt etc. and I am wondering how to figure out if my DE is food grade? I bought it through a hardware store. They actually had to order it for me.
Can anyone help me in knowing what to look for in the label that will let me know what I have??

My bags weren't marked either. You should be ale to go to the store that ordered it and find out. Not sure if there is a way to tell otherwise. Good Luck
Most bags will have the manufacturers name/phone number or a website on it. Look carefully as it might seem "hidden".

I called them to verify it was in fact food grade and she told me it was "FEED" grade which means it is fine for animals but not approved by the FDHA for humans or it would be "FOOD" grade.
I wouldnt be so quick to assume death.
If you are FEEDING it to your birds, then it may poison them if it is not food grade.
But scattered lightly around the chicken yard and coop, well, I wouldn't make that leap straight away.
I will definitely check the finer print on the bag .. good suggestion. Can't believe I haven't until now.

Geez, food grade and feed grade??!?! Can they make it more complex?? So can we humans, who need food grade DE, eat the eggs that are laid by chickens who bathe, eat, breathe, and live in feed grade DE?
I was actually wondering the same question regarding eating chicken eggs (or meat for that matter) laid by chickens who have sevin in their coops and dust bathes.

Hmmmm. Food for thought. I mean one of the reasons I have chickens ... besides being ADDICTED to them ... is to know where my food comes from, and know it's healthy and chemical free!

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