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    Jun 6, 2008
    I am just curious how much food is normal to waste with the cornish x. Today a little water sloshed out of the waterer, so I quick scooped out the area. (they are 5 days old) the little bit of bedding I had down was now about 3 inches thick and FULL of food. I can see it all over, but was really surprised at how deep it was! We have been refilling as needed on the feeders, and of course they kick it out - but that is a lot of waste. It will be hard to justify that much food waste if it continues. Is that normal? Is that calculated into the average cost? How do you deal with it? Any answers would be great, we are first time meaters.
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    With any chicks, I put the feeders high so they have to stretch to eat. That way they scratch and peck and their feet aren't in the feeders. Up the feeders and there won't be as much waste. I find the most waste occurs in the first week or so when you want them to test out the food and learn to eat. Once they know what the food is and actively seek it, just raise it high. Unlike layers who can and will jump onto the feeders, broilers will just stand and eat.

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