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  1. About a week ago, right after temperatures plummeted from 70 to 40 F (Halloween T-Storm), I saw my oldest Orpington's feet turn red on the sides and fleshy parts. They weren't red before. She also has a raised bump in-between two of her toes, one on each foot. The one on her left foot has had a scab (and so may be bumblefoot), but her right foot hasn't had any evidence of a cut at all. The bump with the scab may have been there right before the 31st, I don't remember for sure, but the right one only appeared four days ago.

    I've been soaking her feet in warm water and epsom salt and have applied coconut oil and VetRx to her foot in order to help with any pain she may be in. The epsom salt baths seem to reduce the swelling, but only temporarily. She and the others have garlic and oil of oregano in their water and she drinks a small amount of colloidal silver at nighttime (four drops max, usually two or three. I rise and lower doses gradually and give her a day off from it each week. These doses are very small, even for a chicken).

    What do you all think this is and what should I do that I’m not doing already?

    As a side note - Buffy (hen's name) is a very large Buff Orpington and is 3 1/2 years old. She is the biggest chicken I've ever had - she's never been overweight, but she's so long and large that it can be hard to hold her sometimes. Having her is like having an 8' tall man, but in hen form. She's had trouble keeping her weight up for a few months now, and the molt this year has been the harshest I've had, so she may be having other problems. I've been trying to give her things to help boost her weight but she doesn't eat much lately. Right now she's underweight but isn't gaining or losing much weight. Some days she gains a little bit, other days she loses a little bit. She's always underweight regardless.

    This is her left foot. You can see the redness on the sides and fleshy parts. The undersides are also red.
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    I suspect bumblefoot? I'll tag someone @Wyorp Rock
  3. IMG-2574.jpg
    This is her right foot.

    IMG-2575 (1).jpg
    This is the right side (outside) of her right foot. There's a bump on the side that isn't on her left foot. Her foot isn't as red as the picture shows, but it is red (I had to brighten the image. Buffy isn't easy to work with).
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    Doesn't look like bumblefoot to me but I could be wrong
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  5. I’m torn on the diagnosis myself. It looks kind of like Bumblefoot but the circumstances surrounding it are a bit strange, so Bumblefoot may not be the most reasonable explanation. That’s why I posted this.
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    The color could possibly be hormones, but I'm not sure what all could cause swelling, other than bumblefoot. :idunno
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    Show us the bottom of the foot please.
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    My hen has similar symptoms. :idunno
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  9. 1D7653D3-D5F0-4C71-8440-81860A00EFB2.jpeg

    I’m aware of the scale on her left foot but that happens two days ago and there’s no cut underneath it.
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    okay what is hanging off her toe then, please where I have pasted does look like a bumble the scab worn off ?
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