Forgot to take 1 out of the incubator


9 Years
Jan 9, 2011
Broken Bow
I move my eggs to a hatcher at day 18 and left one in the incubator by accident. It hatched out just fine with the humidity about 35%-40% and still in the turner. I was hearing chirping that sounded like it was in the bator and sure enough I looked in the bottom and there it was. Thankfully it didn't get into the fan.
I was removing empty egg shells out of my incubator once and a couple of days later my wife said she was hearing cheeping in the trash bag. Yep sure enought, I had thrown out a whole egg and it hatched inside the trash bag. Little woman stills reminds me to make sure i aint throwing out any unhatched chicks whenever I am emptying the bator
I had other eggs in the incubator and it was still running. It also survived about a 24'' drop to the bottom. My lights and fan are in the bottom and it was huddled up in a corner. I bet it was hot.
It makes me wonder why I'm so fussy about humidity after hearing these stories! I weigh my eggs daily, chart them on a spreadsheet, and then graph them. I am obsessing because it's been raining and I have a spike in humidity (I run my bator dry for the most part)

I just ran my last hatch dry till day 18 when I brought the humidity up to 70% ? Hatch was great , even better then the seller of the eggs ? As far as eggs hatching after you think you're done ..........I've heard chicks chirping in plastic bags in a dump where the hatchery had a fifteen foot hole to dispose there unhatched eggs ....sadly there was no way of releaseing them .When we were younger ...70's....we used to find RIR chicks at the dump ! Hatchery dumped there un hatched eggs there and they hatched in the bag or in some cases the bag tore and there were little chicks everywhere ..........I think we caught up to twenty one at one time ! Very tough ,or as one said .......we under rate how tough these eggs and chicks are and as well as the conditions that they can survive .

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