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I welcome change, but when, in the process, something that was highly useful goes missing, it makes me very cranky.

One of the issues I'm referring to is the feature on the old forum when a thread I would post on was highlighted to enable me to quickly find it again later to resume my participation. I would love to have that back. Is that at all possible?

And my second issue is with the "likes". It's gratifying to see the tally accumulate in my little window on the page, but there's no way, that I've discovered, to see what the "likes" relate to - what thread did it occur on and by whom? The old ovations gave me this helpful information.

I hate to sound like an old fuddy-duddy, but the old BYC was a beautiful and very functional web site, well designed and user friendly. This new site is leaving me out in the cold. I'm holding out the hope it's still a work in progress and these things can be resolved to make the new site as good as or even better than the old.
You can find your likes in your profile. Click on your profile, and on the top left are "Likes you have received". Click on that and you get a list. The comment feature with the likes was not able to transfer over to this format.

For threads you post on, click on Forums. There is a sub menu for "Watched Threads". Click on that to see any new information on threads you participate in.
I also hate change, and learning new tools is hard for me, so give it a chance and you might find that many of the new features are very nice to have.

You can view all likes received here:

And all likes given here:


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