Found a Pigeon, but it surly isn't wild. what should i do?


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I checked with my neighbors no one owns any pigeons but we did have a livestock auction Saturday about 5 miles away and am wondering if this guy got out of his cage and flew to my house Sunday morning i came out only to notice this guy in my goose pen but when i walked in he flew into a near by tree that afternoon he was gone.

[FONT=lucida grande, tahoma, verdana, arial, sans-serif]Monday morning i came out to the geese run and sure enough he was back but this time he was walking right up to me i placed a cage down and he climbed right in with in 5 minutes, i picked him up held him and checked him out (or her i have no idea) Never owned any Pigeons so can you guys tell by the photo what he/she is? right now i have "It" in a cage with some food and water. from what i read they like Whole grains (which right now i put in layer but i will put grains in its dish) why do people even keep Pigeons, i reached it. pretty much A) for racing or B) eating. i kinda like him/her around seems like a very sweet bird. [/FONT]

[FONT=lucida grande, tahoma, verdana, arial, sans-serif]PS:[/FONT] i was there selling my own livestock at that same auction saturday night and they did have Pigeons about 3 cages full, so someone might have tried to grab him up and he flew off...ended up here. pretty smart bird (he knew what house he should stop at! the lady that loves birds DUH!) lol
You should.......start keeping pigeons! lol
Good looking bird, though. Is his beak fine? Seems tame, too, gotta love that.
The two most probable possibilities would be the auction, or someone flying birds and he got lost.
I see a male, lol, but it really is hard to tell with pigeons, especially if you aren't in person and don't know them/can't watch them. You'll probably need to have some others around before determining for sure....unless it lays an egg. lol
People keep pigeons: as pets, just for another enjoyable bird species, showing, flying, eating etc.
Grains, pellets, and grit will be a good diet.
Hope that helps, feel free to ask anything else.
its a bad photo, it was the first time i ever held him so i was kinda Quick before putting him into a cage, he seems healthly the beak is Normal i will try to get a better photo of him today.
How much are pigeons? i take it he/she needs a friend. how much could another one of this one be? also should i find out if its Male or female first before i bring in another...Are they like chickens..if a male see's another male they will attack.
It's most likely a Homer (Homing pigeon) or a cross. The breed you get doesn't matter to it, but get one that is similarly non-ornamentated......pigeons are easy, but the less fancy ones will usually bring even less potential problems with them.
Actually, whether male or female, when alone like that, it will most likely pair right up with anything. The only thing I could tell you is to feel the pelvic bones at the vent that form a V shape. The closer; the more likely it's a male, the farther; the more likely a female.
Pigeons will go from $5 to $10,000....:) so you should be able to find something affordable. Adult-bought Homers from another loft may return back to their original home when flown out, so may not be the best option if you plan to fly it. Highfliers should be popular, as well as Rollers. Check locally on Craigslist.
I agree that it looks like a show homer, and most likely a cock. A racing homer hen would make a good mate.
I agree it looks like a Show Homer to me. Show birds are used to being handled. All their needs are provided by the handler/owner. He knows nothing about surviving out in the big wide world. I can't really tell in the photo, but does he have a band on his left leg? If so, the numbers can help identify him. As far as gender.....have you seen him bow/ strut and coo? Maybe even spread his tail out while he struts his stuff? He may or may not display any of this behavior surroundings and all.

First thing: keep him/her away from your other birds! Since you do not know where this one came from or what it has been exposed too.... I highly recommend quarantine for at least 30 days. You said he was in with your geese......change/disinfect their water/food.

I do not mean to scare you. I love my Pigeons! I have dedicated my golden years to rescues! I just don't want you to regret helping this guy out. Pigeons are very intelligent! Yes....he did know where to come for help! I thank you with all my heart for helping him. I promise....if you take the time to get to know this bird, do some research about will be in love with these awesome birds!!!

Tips on care: Pigeons drink different than most birds. They drink like we drink from a straw. His water dish needs to be at least....3" deep. Pigeons are seed/grain eaters. For now a wild bird seed will suffice. They do need access to grit as well. Thawed frozen peas/corn, brown rice, lentils, old fashioned oatmeal will also suffice until you decide if you are going to keep him. It would not hurt to put some ACV in his water as well.
Ah, thank you for the tips, i will change out that Water dish i put in. i have him locked up in a cage away from all my other birds (i tend to stay clear of any other birds unless i hatch them out myself or order them from a known company) just to be safe of any sickness everything is Disinfected monthly just to be safe around other "wild birds" The cage he is in now is about 3 foot by 2 foot and unless i build a "pigeon run" he will stay in that cage.

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