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Sep 22, 2020
I recently noticed my EE has some white things on her comb. I immediately took her out of the flock and put her in a quarantine pen. I’ve been gone for about a week (I had someone take care of the chickens while I was away) and noticed it when I got back. I’ve seen some other people on this website say that their chickens with pea combs will sometimes get these white things on their combs and they’ll just go away on their own, and it isn’t fowl pox. I just need someone’s opinion on this. Is it fowl pox or something else? There are only white things on her comb, they’re not black. If she does have fowl pox, is it true that these white things will go away faster if I apply Colgate toothpaste or any other home remedies? 🧐


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It doesn’t look like fowl pox. Favus, a fungus might be possible, but there is no need to quarantine this chicken from the others. If it is favus, a little miconazole or clotrimazole applied to the comb daily might be helpful. I have seen this before in one pea combed bird, and it went away.

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