Fox Attack, need advice


Jul 11, 2021
This is Milky, she was attacked by a fox yesterday. We got to her just in time, and the wound doesn’t seem to have gone deeper than skin and we cleaned the wound out already. What is scaring me though is that she’s always timid and scared of us, but she’s not struggling too much when we pick her up, but seems fine other than that. She slept until 9:00 this morning, and in the laying box she was twitching her head every 6 seconds or so. If anyone has any info on helpful tips, please let me know ASAP


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so sorry to hear about the attack. keep her in a warm, dry and quiet place and clean the wound and treat with neosporin (without pain reliever) and make sure she is eating and drinking normally. adding electrolytes or nutridrench can be helpful as well. the twitching is hopefully related to the recent trauma and stress and will improve on its own.

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