Freaking out. What age and when do ducklings moult?


8 Years
Mar 24, 2011
Sorry if there is a post already here about this. I just noticed today that my 2 month old Pekin duckling is loosing her feathers. They're all over in the tub. Is this normal or should I be concerned?

Please help. Starting to freak out some.
OK Thank you. She is a Pekin and fully feathered already but this is my first so I have no idea when they start. I'm just nervous. She is acting fine other wise.

Thank you again.
my 10 week olds are starting to go through their first molt
I have pekins right at 2 months and just yesterday the pen was full of white feathers...after preening they left so many it looks like a nest!
Yup, normal. Ducks molt A LOT as they're growing up. And even after they hit maturity they'll molt several times a year. My white goose is molting at the moment and in her favorite sleeping spot it looks like a fox got in and ate her, and left only feathers behind. So, no worries. They'll grow new ones pretty quick, too.
My Pekins are the same age and they began molting last week... now the Rouens and the Kahki's are too. I thought they were older before they molted????
Honestly, in my experience Pekin are very feather loosing birds as a whole, i have some that are 4mths and they leave white feathers everywhere! No one is in molt either my drake even has his curl now. They just are that way, now my call drake is molting but he's a mature bird.
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Glad to hear the early molt is fairly normal. My ducks are about three months old when I found white feathers all the pen and duck house. Looks like the Pekin female is losing feathers from her rump and tummy. I then looked closer and saw that the Campbell (who I suspect is a male)is losing feathers on his chest. I wouldn't be quite concerned if it weren't winter.

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