FREE: 9 week old GLW rooster

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  1. Chickycat

    Chickycat Songster

    May 12, 2010
    Bristow, Indiana
    Mahogany is a 9 week old Gold Lace Wyandotte Roo. I do not want a rooster of this breed. He is crowing already, a sweet short crow, really cute. He is going to be beautiful with his mahogany colored lacing. I really need to find him a home as a friend is bringing me a BO Roo, which is the breed of rooster I wanted. You will need to be able to come pick him up as I do not want to ship him in this heat, and have no idea how to ship a live animal anyway. If I cannot find a home for him, hubby is going to eat him. So, I hope someone will be able to take him as my chickens are my babies.
  2. SilverLacedLady

    SilverLacedLady In the Brooder

    Apr 11, 2010
    Malinta, Ohio
    so where is bristow? I live in Kokomo, and today our little chickens escaped, and unfortunaly we all wound up crying. We only let the chickens out when the dog is inside, but my 8 year old's little light brahma Chicken Josie was killed. I still need to discuss with Nathan the kind of bird he wants next, but we're strapped for cash and the poor little guy needs somebody to fill the void that was left in his heart after today. We figured out where they got out from and immediatly fixed the issue, but that isn't going to make Natey feel any better. We have SLWs and 2 of them are roos, i don't see what a third roo would hurt. So i'l talk to everyone tomorrow and then maybe get directions so i could come pick up your little cutie. If you're hesitant to give him to someone who just lost a little hen I'd understand.

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