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    Mar 5, 2007
    Just be first on to post that you want them. make payment through pay-pal to: [email protected]

    These eggs are from my free range Bantams there will be 8+ there might be a pure Bantam welsummer egg in there if the free range don't lay enough by tomorrow.

    Some of the hens might have been bred by the Lfowl

    This is what bantams I have running around don't know which ones are laying

    Roos: Arucana he has ear tufts, rosecomb, silkie, Old english and d'anver

    Hens: Arucanua has no tail, rosecomb, silkie, old english, splash wyndotte, couple mixes and d'anvers
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    I would love to have them...are they still available?

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