free horse food coupons


9 Years
May 12, 2010
Erie PA
About a month ago someone posted about joining the Purina rewards program and you get coupons for 50lb free horse food that the chickens can have as treats. Well I joined and rec coupons and no one carrys the Purina strategy Healthy Edge (what the coupons are for) in my area. So anyone who wants them, just pm me your address and I will send them out. They are only good till Dec 1 2010. I will also send you the new coupons as they come in since they are useless to me. Hate to waste anything.
Do you have a store that sells Purina feeds? If you do, ask them if they can get the feed in. I don't think there's a minimum number of bags they need to order, so if you just want 1 bag, they can hopefully get it in for you.
As much as my greedy gus side wants to snatch up your offer, I have to suggest that you check with the horse rescues in your area- they might know who carries the feed and would be glad to have some free bags!
I signed up for the "rewards" program, got my membership card and my free bag of horse food coupon.

Murdochs had NO idea what to do with the Member card, and I traded my free bag of horse food for a bag of chicken food at my local dealer a week later!

No complaints, thanks Purina!
I had the same issue so I gave them to my brother's mother-in-law that lives in Houston. She has show horses and was able to use them.

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