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JAK Rabbitry

10 Years
May 22, 2009
Freedom, PA - Pittsburgh area
Apparently with your order from MacMurray they throw in a free chick from one of their assorted rare breeds. I've tried looking at their rare breed peep photos to ID this little guy but some of them don't have photos and really I can't find anything that looks like him. And because he's free i'm assuming he's a roo.....he's about 3 weeks...I can see and feel these little nubs on the insides of his legs...are these the beginnings of spurs?

But here's some pictures of him....he looks like a little owl.






Actually it looks like you got yourself there an Easter Egger pullet. They seem to be common for Murray McMurray to send as an "exotic" chick, but this one looks to be a pullet!
Yup, that is an EE! As for the gender, I would wait a bit to call it. Also, McM says "rare or exotic" but it just means free. Both of the ones I got from them are pretty common breeds, but one was a very handsome EE roo. Too bad my dogs thought he was a chew toy the other day.
Thanks so much for all the replies! I dont mind an EE, though i'm not sure what to do with another rooster. He is really cute though.... He's the instigator in my brooder...jumps straight up in the air to land on piles of sleeping opringtons. Then they all start jumping around and screaming '' OMG! WE'RE BEING ATTACKED!"
You should video tape that. It goes along with the person who let their chicken be the broody mom to some ducklings then it freaked out when her "kids" went in to the pond! That would probably make me pee my pants to see.

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