FREE Serama Cockerals!!!


10 Years
Apr 27, 2009
Wadmalaw Island, SC
I have some seramas available, FREE for pick-up or shipping fee...Check here... I am reaching Critical Mass here, spacewise, so I am offering these cockerals free, for the cost of shipping. You will find some with the Blue gene, and some with the Barred gene, and also some Pure White, as well as Smooth-feathered and Frizzled-feathered, Pet and Breeder quality birds. This particular hatch gave me 30 out of 40 roos, which is why I REALLY need to find them new homes...The level of testosterone is REALLY high here! They are all healthy, happy birds, but really need new homes with girls of their own! They are unposed, just "doing their thing"!

Shipping is: $50 for 1 bird, $60 for a pair, $90 for a trio or a quad in a bio-filtered, new USPS approved box. My birds are NPIP certified, and I ship Monday through Wednesday, Overnight Express Mail. If you see something you like, you can pay the shipping charges via PayPal and I can ship the birds out on Monday- Wed.

Thanks for looking!


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