French Cuckoo Marans. Surprise!


7 Years
Apr 19, 2012
I put an add out on craigslist looking for any chicks, hens, or roosters. We are still getting started with ours so are wanting to add more of different kinds.
I got a reply from a lady who said she was a breeder and would give me just about any roosters and some hens depending on what she needed to breed. I was SO excited. I didn't even ask what kind! lol

She showed up today with 8, two-three week old pure French Cuckoo Maran chicks!

I'll soon be getting a Frizzle from her and many more different ones. She has true Arucanas as well.
I can't wait!

So lucky that she found my add and I have awesome quality chicks coming my way!

(Also got a reply from a guy giving me 3, three month old Buff Orp roosters tomorrow)

Here's my new babies!

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Congratulations! It makes all the difference in the world who you get them from sometimes I think! I LOVED the lady I got mine from, and the girls are socalized and sweet!

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