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Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by scflock, Nov 9, 2015.

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    Apr 9, 2015
    How cold does it get if you loose power? I had 2 chicks in the garage both under a week. Light went out one night and they died in 60 degree garage. [​IMG]

    Congratulations SC! I hear there was a parade? Is that true?

    I need to thin my cockerels. I'm going to endup with a trio of breeders in the end. I hope the eggs are dark. I should know by March or April.

    That's a great idea Walnut!

    How are they coming along WV? I had a pip this am on my weekly 3 staggered eggs.
  2. Dan I think the tractor got a flat tire . you might should check it .big eared chicken there .
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    I can't go but I owe my cousin a call...we were close....we both got terminal cancers in our 30's at the same time.....we used to talk for hours on the phone....neither of us were supposed to be here now....she managed to out live both her parents.....that's how it's supposed to be though
  4. Well I've been working to much Ruby you can pick up generators cheap some under four hundred dollars that are lightweight . four rules #1 away from the house and all fresh air vents including the heat and air vents #2 extra fuel with fuel stabilizer .# 3 start often or shut of fuel and run to stop .#4 Good extension cords .these will keep you and your children safe
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    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Parade starts on post 6679 [​IMG] (but Ravyn tied it all together on 6688)

    My hatch is coming along <knock on wood> very well so far. No quitters, only 4 clear of 26 set, so 22 looking good for next week.

    Sorry to hear you lost chicks. I would not have expected 60 degrees to kill them over night, was there any light at all? Mine flocked to a little nightlight and trampled each other. I don't believe it was the cold that got them. But with just 2 chicks, maybe they couldn't keep each other warm enough....
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  6. true doesn't always work like that though . always someone around here to talk to . almost all the time .
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    And what about me!???:mad:

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    I've been down that road with quite a few relatives. It's tough, because for those of us who are whole and well, the idea of giving in is alien. But the best deathbed lesson I've ever should fully support that decision and spend the remaining time being loving and supportive and providing a low stress environment.
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    I'm the narcissist here :smack
  10. you have to forgive us old guys we forget or just can't remember shouldn't you be in bed by now . we send our young'uns to bed early enjoy your holidays Benny I must go work [​IMG]

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