From Play Equipment to Chicken Coop


7 Years
Nov 3, 2012
Has anybody converted outdoor play equipment to a chicken coop. I have a real sturdy wooden set. The play platform is about 4 ft. off the ground. There is a wooden ramp which goes up to the platform. The sides would need to have walls built on it, and a roof. So many of the coops I've seen remind me of the play structures that I was wondering if this could be a good way to put mine to use? I'd like to be able to post pictures of my particular set and a coop that I saw which gave me the idea, but when I tried to attach a picture I got a box which said I'm not approved to attach.
We did! My son let me believe we were converting his Menards play set into an enclosed fort. Well, that was never his intention - ever. Sigh. We now have four adoreable chickens.

His fort was an open air two level deal. We added a roof. The board across the middle is off center, so we just placed another board on the other side of the uprights and used that wire mesh that every one talks about to make a very nice place to vent out air. We then build a mini roof over that. We also put in a homemade plexiglass sun roof. We covered the walls on the upper portion with a door at either end and a pop door for ease of entrance for the chickens and us.

The lower level was reinforced and covered with wire mesh. We read enough on here to avoid chicken wire. We put a people door on one side. We added a two level addition for ramps.

We built a run with a pop door from this high security zone to a medium security zone for when we aren't home. They free range the fenced yard when we are home.

I have pictures and story to go with it on my home page. Feel free to look. Please remember, we are not carpenters!

Also, I have more pictures but have to figure out how to download from an iPad...

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