Fruits Vegetables for chicks/chickens?


11 Years
Dec 24, 2008
New Hampshire
I was just curious, what can I feed the chicks/chickens (fruit/veg. wise) that wont hurt them - that is, if any of that is bad for them?
Are strawberries alright? I have a box of them that have gone past what I would want to eat - they arent moldy or rotten, just soggy and soft.
What other things do you guys feed to them as extra treats?
Im looking for something healthy, to get the chicks to like me a little more

My pot belly pig died this past fall. The chickens have taken her place. They literally eat just about anything! All table scraps (unless the dogs get the meat first), everything from fridge when it's cleaned out, and they love the frozen stuff out of the freezer when it's cleaned out. Mine aren't too picky about their food! IF they don't like it, they just won't eat it.
That's great! I never knew that you could feed them edible human table scraps!
I'm sure my chickens will love it...They dont have much greens or anything because they ate down their pen, and I havent had time to move it yet...
And for the chicks, they dont like me much (even after playing with them for countless hours while they were growing up!) so I thought maybe something tasty might encourage them a little

Thanks for the input!
I heard that they love zucchini, even the largely overgrown ones (I haven't tried that yet)

My pullets love watermelon, lettuce, spinach, bread, etc. Mine are only 6-7 weeks and prefer that you tear up their treats and feed them by hand. Tiny pieces allow them to swallow and find out what it tastes like, like tiny little balls of bread pieces. Then, once they are hooked, then just toss it their run and let them work it to shreads.

We decided to be brave and let all 7 of our girls out. They made a bee line for MY veggie garden. Way to funny as everyday I go into the garden and weed. I bring them all the weeds, guess they wanted veggies today... Truthfully I completely enjoyed their excitment.
rounding them up was super easy. Just got out their meal worms and they beat me to their yard.
we r new to chicken raising and we have 2 each of Light Brahmas, speckled sussex, buff orpingtons and black jersey giants....they are all a bit over 4 weeks old....we r enjoying theirantics already and r looking forward to having them in their coop and run very soon.... all the information and suggestion are so great on these boards! but i can not find an age in which to start giving them treats such as fruits and veggies....can anyone help answer my question? thank you in advance
I started offering them treats around 4 weeks. If they didn't want it or couldn't handle it they just wouldn't eat it. Just make sure they have grit.. At that age and still now at 9 weeks mine love mushed up avocados mixed with a little oats. And my two sons run around the yard every day picking dandelion greens and they feed them to the chickens for hrs. The chickens love it.

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