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  1. I ordered a new incubator about 2 or so weeks ago. I was told it would def. ship the beginning of last week. Then I was told it would either ship the end of last week or this monday. This monday I was told it didnt ship but is due to ship soon.

    So I emailed them and told them I want my order cancelled. They replied and told me that they called the manufacturer that morning to cancel it and it had shipped. I asked for a tracking number yesterday afternoon. No reply. So I called and was told they would send the tracking number when they receive it, which would be that day. Today there is still no email with the tracking number. Called and left another message, and emailed again. Still no tracking number. If I dont get a tracking number by later tonight, I will be calling the credit card company to dispute the charges. This is ridiculous. [​IMG] I dont even believe it was shipped, and they are lying because they dont want to cancel the order. This company is just jerking me around.
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    Hmmm... wonder who you ordered from. I just cancelled an incubator order because it was going to take 3-4 weeks. I ended up buying one off the shelf.

    That's really frustrating. I feel your pain. It does sound like they are just jerking you around. Cancel that credit card charge!
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    I can understand your frustration!!
    Hope you didn't order directly from Brinsea, cuz that's who I plan to order from.
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    Yup, I'd call your credit card company and tell them that you want to dispute the charge. I would be peeved to say the least if a company treated me like that [​IMG]
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  6. Quote:No, was not Brinsea. I ordered from the about 5-6 years ago when I ordered my Brinsea octagon 40. They are a great company.

    Still no tracking number.
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    [​IMG] Thats not good news.(Yes, I know, stating the obvious,lol)
    I hope they get their rear in gear and get you your incubator!!!

  8. I even put in the notes section when I ordered it that if they couldnt ship out right away to let me know asap.

    I was hoping to have it by the end of this week. I guess the call ducks will just have to share the hatcher with the silkies. [​IMG]
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    What brand was it maybe you can call the actual manufacturer and see if they can give you the information. Still call the credit card company and dispute it also see if you can't call the shipping company (fedex, ups, etc) and get them to send it right back.
  10. Quote:The manufacturer is GQF. I was thinking about calling them, but since I didnt order directly through them, I doubt that they would tell me anything.

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