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Apr 9, 2013
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I took Hope out to meet the ducklings this afternoon. They are comfortable enough to get into our laps already and love to nibble toes; my wedding ring is a favorite target also. She was thrilled when they climbed into her hand and lap and really did a good job of sitting still. My son and DIL have two ducks, Muscovy, but they weren’t quite this tiny when they got them. The pool was a hit and will definitely need daily cleaning. At the rate they’re growing it won’t take long for them to outgrow it. As a next step I have a couple of large bowls but need to get the big round rock from the garden to put in it as a step out. As a mid growth pool my daughter is bringing home a kiddie pool one of her friends won’t be using and we can move it out to the yard later as a secondary pool during the summer. The primary pool is going to be a 70 gallon stock tank for sheep. Igor is going to put a drain in it so I can use the water for the oleanders and the xeriscape area. With a secondary pool out near the lemon tree I can use the water for the lemon tree and maybe in the shade garden as well. I’ll have to discuss that with hubs.

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