Full crop when dying?

Do they stop digesting food when they die?

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11 Years
Jul 28, 2010
My mother says that when a bird dies they’re body will stop digesting food and their crop will be full. Is this true? I try looking online but i don’t know where she’s getting this information from. I cannot question her about it because she’ll just grouch at me. So has anyone heard of this before? And how did u find out?
Any info is appreciated. Thank u


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11 Years
Apr 3, 2011
southern Ohio
It can be common for the crop to be puffy, slow, or not functioning due to an illness. Crop problems themselves are common causes of death, but when there is a reproductive disorder, crops may not function well. There can be intestinal or gizzard illness which may also cause crop enlargement. It can be common, but it also possible they can be dying with an empty crop from starving themselves due to other illness or poor appetite.

You can learn a lot by feeling and examining your normal chickens, and comparing what you see to the sick chicken.

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