Funny cross


11 Years
May 9, 2008
Central Iowa
what do you get when you cross a showgirl with a d'uccle ( I know you all are constantly thinking about this)

A Mr. Whiskers!


I'll have to go get a picture of "Furby" - a little chick that just hatched this week. He is black with grey eyebrows sticking up and white whiskers on his chin - of course he is a NN.
I love it. I'd take that one in a minute!!!!!
I've got 5 broodys with the eggs from our coop. If you check out my siggy you can see my breeds. It's going to be interesting.
I might just let you have him (or her - not sure yet)
I just like the surprises. There is one in the newest group that is completely blonde and then there is this guy...

Here is "Furby":


You sure it's a silkie x d'uccle? It has no hint of d'uccle, plus it's got silkie feathering...if it did have a d'uccle parent, it wasn't pure since it was carrying the silkie gene. It's prolly just a sg x silkie. Very cute though.
Yes - am pretty sure - I think that is where the white tufts coming out of the sides of its head are from. It's right where the d'uccle beard would start. Plus it is blue and red - all of my cochins are blue, my silkies are blue, and they have been mostly infertile so far. The d'uccles are the only laying birds I have that would have that color. But I make no gaurantees. It was just an educated guess.

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