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    May 13, 2008
    I'm worried about one of my Red Stars (AKA Alices). She's making a distinct odd noise, as if it were on an exhalation, but it seems too slow to be breathing. It isn't a crow, or an attempted crow. it's more frequent than regular cooing. No sign of injury or trauma, attack, poops normal, no weight loss, nobody else has symptoms. Yet. It is rainy and cool (NW Washington state); this is her 2nd winter. I fear they are all stressed, they aren't on grass until I get the new grass patch covered from predatory birds. I've introduced some chooks in the last 2 days; they were raised in a corner of the coop and let out adjacent to the big girls. I don't take them to the vet, this will be self-care. I haven't wormed this year. (!!! thinking i should isolate her and worm her, keep her warm...or just worm them all?) Thanks for your help.

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